Did you know you can study in the UK without IELTS?

There are a lot of great Universities in the UK that do not insist on an IELTS score for admissions. Read More

    Most of the Universities in the UK use the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) to assess the English language proficiency of their international students. It is a standardised language assessment test and includes four sections – reading, writing, listening and speaking.

    Quite a few Universities rely on alternative methods to assess a candidate’s language proficiency. The following are some such alternatives used by Universities in the UK.

    But not all!

    Yes. Viza International has years of experience putting students in Universities in the UK. And we have done it not based on IELTS alone. In fact, we would consider it our speciality that we facilitate studying in the UK without IELTS!

    English as the primary medium of instruction in your school – If you have studied in an English medium school, the University can consider your English as proof of your proficiency.

    English scores in X and XII – Many Universities consider you for admission if you have at least 70% marks in your school exams.

    University’s own interview to assess your language skills – Some Universities conduct an online interview as part of their admission process and use it to gauge your English proficiency as well.

    Other language assessment tests – There are a few Universities that consider your score in TOEFL, Integrated Skills in English (ISE), PTE Academic, Cambridge English Proficiency (CPE) and the Duolingo English test instead of IELTS.

    Doing a pre-sessional English Course – if none of the above options works, you can opt to do a pre-sessional English course. This is conducted by Universities so that the international students can gain the required language skills along with the needed classroom skills. You will also have a smooth transition to the foreign education system.

    Viza International has years of experience handing student Visas. And not all of our students have secured their visas based on their IELTS scores. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

    We have liaised with the Universities and have made overseas education dreams come true for even those students who were sceptical of getting a good IELTS score. Or for those who couldn’t appear for the test for whatever reason.

    So it is safe to say that even though English language proficiency is one of the requirements, there are other alternatives available to you as an international student in the UK.

    The British High Commission allows students with “Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies” (CAS) issued by a UK institution in which the student has applied. At the time of applying for the visa, you can submit a document from the university stating that you are eligible to apply for a Visa.

    In addition to CAS, students have to fulfil many other requirements to obtain their UK Student Visa. For complete information, talk to the student counsellors at Viza International today.

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